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Foot-Shaped Kids' Shoes: Leave The Pointed Toes To The Adults
Us grown-ups love to wear shoes that do absolutely no anatomical favours for our feet. We like shoes with unnecessary heels, whether they’re chunky, skinny, tall or short, we like shoes that end in a long, sharp point (even though our feet are typically pretty round), and we’ll wear sandals so strappy that our toes get snagged in the loops. We’ll squeeze into tiny shoes if they’re the only size left and trip over wearing bigger shoes because they were on sale. We’ll camp outside a store waiting for the release of Kanye’s newest sneakers for no reason other than that we want to be like Kanye.

We wear shoes for a lot of reasons - and that’s okay because we’re adults so we can do as we please - but mostly, it’s okay because like us, our feet are all grown up. We should go barefoot as often as possible and we should definitely wear shoes that are comfortable - but sometimes the occasion calls for your favourite pair of impractical heels. Our feet are anatomically developed to the point where the shoes we wear won’t affect our long-term foot health - at least not as much as kids can be affected.

Daughter wears high heels and does Mum's makeup

Kids up to 8 years old are still going through a crucial developmental process. Their muscles, bones, ligaments and tendons are still coming together to form what will eventually be an adult foot, and their footwear can affect how this development goes. So while we can get away with ridiculous shoes, kids need shoes that will let their feet develop naturally.

So when you’re looking for shoes for your little one, the decision-making has to be a lot different to buying shoes for yourself. Instead of rappers or sparkles influencing your footwear choice, things like quality, breathability, flexibility and light-weightedness come into play. But beyond that, you need to consider the shape of your child’s feet. They’re probably round and pudgy, their little toes a bit square-shaped and they may not yet have a defined arch. Shoes that reflect the shape of your child’s feet are the best shoes for them, so avoid unnecessary heels and pointed-toes and opt instead for foot-shaped shoes.

Mother and child walk on the beach

All Bobux shoes are built on custom-made ‘lasts’: Moulds that determine the shape of our shoes. The lasts were expertly developed to replicate the unique shape of kids' feet throughout each stage of their development. So whether kids are crawling or cruising, if they’ve just taken their first-steps, they’re confident on their feet or racing around school, their Bobux shoes were made just for them, with their healthy foot development in mind.

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